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rusEfi - an open source DIY ECU

Hello and welcome. You have found the rusEFI wiki main page. Here you will find information related to rusEFI, a community of people with an engine controller interest. This project involves embedded hardware, software, and engines. This community has many members from many walks of life who are scattered all around the world.

Please feel free to use the navigation bar to the left to find additional information about this project. If you are a developer and would like to contribute, please feel free to go to the forum and introduce yourself. The group there would be happy to hear from you.

Want to try it quickly?

Totally virtual: Manual:Software:Simulator
With real hardware: Manual:Try_It

Want to find out where this project is exactly? See

Want to buy some rusEfi hardware? There is a Tindie button in the top-right corner of this page.