Bench test Equipment

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Bench test Equipment

Post by sparky » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:43 pm

I am renewing some of my older bench equipment and looking for some suggestions. I do other electronics work with uProc and serial communications, and I find my equipment somewhat lacking.

- bench power supply. I only have a single output regulated supply. I am looking for a triple output linear supply. My biggest question: does debugging EFI require power up sequences? I haven't needed it yet - not sure what the future holds for me. Seems to be a toss up between the Rigol DP832, Siglent spd3303C and Wiglent spd3303x-e

- logic analyzer. My old PC based logic analyzer is a PIA to use. I am looking for a dedicated device.

- usb to serial port converter. My newer bench PC does not have serial port. The three different serial to USB converters are flakey. Looking for something reliable.


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