rusEfi presentation

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rusEfi presentation

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Subj attached
rusEFI presentation 2019 Q4.pptx
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Re: rusEfi presentation

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Few words about tests/test coverage?
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Re: rusEfi presentation

Post by Simon@FutureProof »


What would you be looking for? I can always add something.

It was really intended to be a quick intro presentation.
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Re: rusEfi presentation

Post by sepp2gl »

I think, some statements from "About rusEFI" should be part of this presentation.
Especially the scoping
"...a GPL open-source engine control unit for gasoline port-injected internal combustion engines. This project involves embedded hardware, software, and engines. ...
...This project is NOT for emissions regulated or safety regulated applications. This project is for race cars, snow blowers, fixed engine applications, and science experiments."

From my perspective the last statement is extremely important.
By this presentation new visitors of the rusEFI-Forum can get to know, what your project is about ...and what is NOT covered.

In addition I propose to add two further main-chapters to the forum:
1. Engines
This chapter should analyse and discuss features of all engines, that are of special interest for the community.
It should result in an engine-specific datasheet.
among others: Compression-Ratio, Displacement, MPFI/GDI, ETC, EGR, Turbocharger System (if any), VVT, Miller/Atkinson-Cycle, Cylinder Deactivation,...

2. Engine Management System
This should focus on three sub-chapters "Sensors", "Actuators" and "Engine functionalities" (above specific algos and software) and should discuss competing technologies and concepts. E.g. Knock-Detection based on vibration sensor or ion-sensing or in-cylinder pressure sensors with pros and cons.

These two chapters are currently discussed in the Chapters "Software" and "Hardware", where they IMHO do not belong.
As a result a lot of conceptual decision-making is hidden in "Software/Hardware" and thus not very transparent.

T2US, sepp2gl
Everything keeps being better ... ;)
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