Possible rusDASH Instrument cluster

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Possible rusDASH Instrument cluster

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Hi, this is a discussion and info gathering topic.

So I've started documenting the possibility of making a opensource instrument cluster, seeing crazy prices on the internet and I needed a place to share my findings.

I will post here useful links relating the build of a modern display instrument cluster

Was thinking about building two models

One using custom segment dot display

One using one hi resolution display with full graphics

For a full graphics instrument cluster we will need hardware:
- develop a analogic to CAN board with enough pins to cover any old car Image
- using a SBC computer that has at least 800MHz CPU, 500mb RAM, CAN and of course a graphics card and HDMI out i guess. Preferably with coreboot as bootloader
- a proper display, 7 / 10 / 12 inch

For software we will need to build a barebone linux kernel that has strictly whats needed to boot to terminal and graphics. Build a Instrument Cluster app in QT and configure the linux to boot straight into that QT app in order to have fast boot times.






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Re: Possible rusDASH Instrument cluster

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I have used Beagle Bone Blacks, jetson TX2 & such for that with my own custom board
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Re: Possible rusDASH Instrument cluster

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nyl wrote:
Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:34 pm
One using one hi resolution display with full graphics
This one looks like Rightware Kanzi.
We did fast-boot demo with Kanzi on Renesas R-Car with Linux few years ago: https://www.cogentembedded.com/linux-android-fast-boot/ .
Most expensive part is display that should be visible under direct light. Also it has non-standart dimensions. Few yeas ago it was hard to get few of such displays.
Most challenging SW thing is fast boot. :)
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