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Misc automotive note(s)

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:03 am
by kb1gtt
I recently had some issues on a vehicle that's new to me, were the brakes were sticking, causing one pad to wear very rapidly. Im my case the slides were sticking, the rubber boot on the slide was in good condition and there was no signs of water / corrosion on the slide pins, they appeared to be in good order. However this GM based vehicle had a rubber thing on the slide which I though was a bit odd. I know the grease that was used was easily dissolved with WD40, so probably petroleum based. I was wondering if the wrong grease could have caused the rubber to expand and caused the slide to stick. Then I found this video where this fellow explains he had the same issue and same conclusion. The rubber thing swelled up after some time in the wrong grease.

Any how, I wanted to share the video. Seems there are lots of these little tricks that people often don't know about. So the next time you do a set of calipers, check that you use the proper grease, or you'll probably have problems.