Getting accel enrich to function

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Getting accel enrich to function

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thought id make a new post specific to ae just to aid in keeping things organized. i was informed to ignore the tps/tps table for ae and use wall wetting ect in the accel enrich page, not sure if i'm missing a setting ect but cant get any extra fueling or make any difference to the car going super lean and trying to stall. here are the last 2 logs and tune that include some pedal movement without any change that I've noticed. let me know if I've missed something or changed the wrong setting :)
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Re: Getting accel enrich to function

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Dude, WTF?

Your requesting the ECU give 50ms extra fuel all over the place. It's no wonder the AFRs in your logs are totally haywire.

You have to find out what a setting does before changing them at random. There is a reason the TPS delta map is set the way it is as default.
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