[NA6 1991 Miata, MRE48] How to convert to Kia TPS

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[NA6 1991 Miata, MRE48] How to convert to Kia TPS

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I have printed the adapter plate with ABS and bought a Kia TPS with the Miata plug. There are documentation on the wiki that touches on how to jump the MREAdapter48 for a Kia TPS, but the information is outdated (Schematic is at 0.4 now). From what I see from the schematics I think

1N: IDL for stock sensor
2D: GND for stock sensor (GND_SENS)
2L: WOT for stock sensor (why is this not connected on the MRE48?)

For stock, 1N and 2L will all be pulled up by the ECU, so they will be grounded at different depression levels. When the TPS is between IDL and WOT, 2L and 1N will all be "HIGH".

For the vTPS, since the center pin is still GND, it should still be pulled up by R22, so R22 should NOT be removed.

Basically what I see is that no schematic change is necessary. However the schematic notes say I should remove R22.

@stefanst Could you explain what is actually happening? Thanks a lot in advance :)
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Re: [NA6 1991 Miata, MRE48] How to convert to Kia TPS

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You can leave R22 installed. It's just a pull-up which will essentially run parallel with the TPS, not really causing any harm.
Please note that the KIA TPS solution is, to the best of my knowledge, as of yet untested.
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Re: [NA6 1991 Miata, MRE48] How to convert to Kia TPS

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For now I've added a link to this topic into https://github.com/rusefi/rusefi/wiki/Miata-NA-48-pin-board-for-MRE but we shall do better :) As is, https://github.com/rusefi/rusefi/wiki/Miata-NA-48-pin-board-for-MRE promises "instructions later"
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