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IAT Heatsoaking Study

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2022 6:07 pm
by 10AE0739
After installing my BMM ECU, I started playing around with a lot of things and one has been the intake system. Even if the power difference isn't much, I want to tackle the challenge of getting the coolest air to the engine. I've had a Cobalt style intake on my car for a long time. The addition of the airbox is nice but not perfect. I added a lid to the box and then ducted air from the fog light into the box through the hole that already exists under the headlight. This results in ambient air at the air filter most of the time. My next question is how much is the air heating up in the intake pipe. I installed a temp sensor in the elbow right before the throttle body. This temp sensor regularly reads around 100F. To find out how much the air outside the intake is affecting the accuracy of the sensor, I installed a sensor directly inside the intake pipe. On the first test drive last night, ambient air was 66F. IAT/MAT (in the elbow) was about 116F. Aux2 (in the intake pipe) was about 83F.