3a92 mirage compatibility?

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3a92 mirage compatibility?

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Hello all, my name is Chuck I've been looking to go standalone on my mitsubishi mirage for a while and just found the forum. I wanted to introduce myself and ask about sensor sharing with the rusefi and mirage ECU? I would like to go standalone+ turbo on the 3a92 soon but I have to keep ABS,traction control, airbags active to uhhhh.... pass tech inspection at tracks ;) I could care less about emissions codes the car would have afterward but I need to keep those safety features and I would like to keep the stock dash or atleast most of it functional. Is that possible with the mirage+ rusefi? I have a degree in automotive science and I've built a few VWs in the past so I can handle things past what I'm asking for the most part I've just never went this deep with a can bus car before. I know on OBD2 all the safety systems are standalone as long as they get the inputs they need they will function but my mirage is a 2017 so im not sure if I need some sort of CAN approval signal from the main ecu to keep them happy or?
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Re: 3a92 mirage compatibility?

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Right now mirage runs fine, we are missing CAN stuff for speed on dash and making ABS/Trac control happy, the public tune has CAN for RPM at least. I have two of them running in Puerto Rico. I make plug and play kits for them but they are $1350 lol
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