Tuning over CAN

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Tuning over CAN

Post by me124 »

Hi all,

I'm thinking of using rusEFI as an ECU for engine development on a dyno.

What I have:
Dyno control system: AVL PUMA 2
Indication system: AVL Indicom

What I want:
Control parameters of the ECU over CAN.

With all the equipment on the dyno I know exactly what the engine does (PMI, PME, MFB50, Lambda, Torque, etc.)
I could then do closed loop control for e.g. MFB50.

Closed loop control would happen on the dyno itself.
The ECU would just have to apply the calculated ignition advance.

The overall goal would then be doing automatic combustion engine development like OEMs do:
Creating a spreadsheet with PMI, MFB50, Lambda, SOI (Start of injection) ...

Is this something I could achieve via LUA?
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Re: Tuning over CAN

Post by AndreyB »

Very limited telepathic abilities - please post logs & tunes where appropriate - http://rusefi.com/s/questions

Always looking for C/C++/Java/PHP developers! Please help us see https://rusefi.com/s/howtocontribute
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Re: Tuning over CAN

Post by NormanAlphaspeed »

Just to add a bit more, Lua has the capability to modify the current tune using burnCalibration(), and you can do a ton of real-time corrections to tunes using a ton of functions described at https://github.com/rusefi/rusefi/wiki/Lua-Scripting

What you say sounds very feasible but time-consuming; I have no doubt it can be done, you just have to study the Lua for a while and do it.
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