Modifying Citroen Throttle sensor for rusEFI

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Modifying Citroen Throttle sensor for rusEFI

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There are cheap and readily available (in europe) cable driven redundant pedal sensors from the Peugeot and Citroen HDI engines.
These will make for cheap and light sensors to convert older cars to ETB.
In stock form they are designed to be driven from a regulated 12v directly from the OEM ECU.

In order to work with RE they need a quick mod to get the signals to a sensible output level so the sensor can be supplied by the regulated 5v coming out of the RE boards.

By doing this you end up with one signal 0.2v -> 3v and one signal 0.01v -> 1.8v

1 - Sig 2
2 - Sig 1
3 - 5v input
4 - GND
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