Hellen 128 question m113 5.0

This means Hellen
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Hellen 128 question m113 5.0

Post by zlatko »

Hello, I have m113 5.0 306hp and want to make it run with manual trans... So my question is can the hellen128 become with software or I need to make it myself via TunerStudio. Does the ecu become assembled or I have to solder all components myself? Best Regards!
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Re: Hellen 128 question m113 5.0

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ECU comes assembled and with software

ECU comes without calibrations specific to your m113 5.0 engine, you would need to hire a tuner/dyno shop to calibrate the ECU.
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Re: Hellen 128 question m113 5.0

Post by md_sanci »

Did you checked if you have 128 pin car connector?

You do have to make engine calibration after you installed hellen in the car, i can support with the make it run part, but final calibration would make sens to do it on a dyno.

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