Hi from Colorado

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Hi from Colorado

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I'm Jeff and I live in the Denver Colorado area. I've been reading the forum for awhile and finally decided to join and participate in the rusEFI project. I've got many years of programming experience (mostly Intel asm/C) and a limited amount of hardware experience.

My interest is to get one or more of my cars up and running on Rusefi. One is a '06 focus with a Ford duratec 2.3L engine with iVCT [non-GDI], although I'm not sure if this engine is supported yet. The other is a Nissan VG33E (V6) engine hopefully swapped at some point into a 300zx chasis.

To start, I'm looking to order a few (2) Proteus boards and start tinkering... :) I just started playing with Kicad again and it feels great.



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Re: Hi from Colorado

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Welcome :D

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