Hello from Mexico city

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Hello from Mexico city

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Hi community.
I'm working in a mid engine (Supercharged Audi v8) 1976 Vw Bug, along time ago I buy a Tec3r ECU (about 10 years) never installed until this year, after all the wire is done I check inputs signal on my laptop and all looks find, and decide to upgrade firmware to the lates WinTec3 and Tec3r bricked (never run the car) I contact electromotive support and they said this is common in this Ecu's due the serial communication problems and need to send unit to repair, the repair cost is about $100 + $313 to hardware upgrade to WinTec4 to avoid serial communications troubles + shipping $120 for Mex-Usa and Usa-Mex for that money I think I can get a more modern unit (now I have a big paperweight on my desk) and found this option. I be honest I have two choices right now rusEfi Proteus or Speeduino based on Teensy 3.5, I see Proteus it's more robust design and have more features like a drive by wire (I don't need it at this moment but in future I want to upgrade throttle body. The only downside it's the missing of launch control and flat shift. But on the other side I'm very familiarized with the arduino platform so I can work on software on the speeduino these are the concerns I have and need to decide for one of this options. so I will be here in the forum to learn more about this ECU and make my decision.
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Re: Hello from Mexico city

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Wow, beautiful build!

The best part of rusEFI is the amazing group of smart people in Slack chat https://github.com/rusefi/rusefi/wiki/HOWTO-join-slack-channel
very limited telepathic abilities - please post logs & tunes where appropriate - http://rusefi.com/s/questions
my skype is arro239

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