[rusEfi] Honda B20 CRV #43

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Re: Honda B20 CRV #43

Post by junk3r »

so when i am getting zero cranking rpm with a cold engine i get error:

Mon Jun 11 18:11:34 EDT 2018<EOT>: postMessage EngineState: FATAL error: spwd:dutyCycle 1.04

it looks like something is going over 100% duty cycle, must be something changing with CLT or IAT that is making it go over 100%?
looking into the tune to see whats up with this

Update: it looks like this either needs to be IAC duty cycle, or Alternator control. I have alternator control off, so it must be IAC.
I will have to mess with IAC settings and see if this goes away.
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Re: Honda B20 CRV #43

Post by AndreyB »

By the way just created https://github.com/rusefi/rusefi/issues/594 if you can help with the code
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Re: Honda B20 CRV #43

Post by atntpt »

dont want to post your tune? are you using custom wheel or 1+24?
1+24 syncs but gives me trig error, signal is clean ncv insted of 9926.. 1-vvt 24 -Primary
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