How's it going folks!

Your chance to introduce yourself and your vehicle
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How's it going folks!

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Hi all, stopping in to introduce myself to the project.

My name's Anthony and I've been shadowing this ECU project since it was a yellow drawing on the main page. Recently, I've taken a deeper interest in it so I joined the slack server as well. Despite being a repair mechanic/fabricator for a small shop in southwest Idaho, I'm no stranger to code compilation and git workflow. Having compiled a number of ROMs and other software for Androids, I have exposure to a few different coding styles, most of which are present here.

I'm currently diving headlong into EDA work with KiCAD thanks to you guys. Using the existing EEC-V board found on the github, I'll be adapting the Hellen platform in a plug and play manner. One of my two 1990 Rangers is swapped with an EEC ECU and is turbocharged so its a good candidate.

Anyways, I look forward to getting things going :D
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