Devons supercharged LM7 240

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Devons supercharged LM7 240

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Hello, this is my other room mates build. it started off as a regular 240 with a b230f with #3 rod hanging out the side of the block. After putting a new bottom end in it he started using it to tow and ended up needing another rebuild about a year later. One night we were discussing what we were going to do with it and the idea to LS swap it came up. He asked me what it would take. I simply started listing off things such as the sts machining LS swap kit, the proteus and a friend of ours having a AR5 transmission already setup for a LS swap with LS7 clutch. He just looked at me and said "okay, I ordered it". I was caught by surprise, he was ordering the stuff as i said it. Next thing you know, we have a pile of parts and a car with no engine in it.
no engine.jpg
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He ended up having a friend bring him a junkyard LM7 all the way from PA to us and he ended up only spending about 300 dollars for the long block. We decided we would use it in as much of the stock configuration as we could. We kept the truck manifold, accessory brackets and drive by wire throttle. We managed to get it to fit under the stock volvo hood but it required us to raise it slightly with spacers. Kept the stock fuel system and switched to a early return style fuel rail setup.
stock lm7.jpg
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We decided to take it a step further, we installed a detroit locker in the stock rear axle housing.

After all of this we had a friend send us a facebook market place ad. it was for an ancient and used tahoe whipple 2.3L supercharger kit. Thing was so old we couldnt find any info on it other than it was meant for a tahoe and was non intercooled. At this point we started piling up more parts and decided we were just gonna go stupid and make a very ratrod like build. We stopped caring about how it looked and focused more on making it fun, fast and mostly reliable.
car meet.jpg
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the build sheet so far:
LM7 short block, no frills , 3 cracked water jackets.
Heads cleaned, resurfaced, trunion converted OEM rockers
LS6 springs
LS6 rollers
A "stage 3" cam from summit racing.
Old used 2.3L whipple supercharger
3 pump fuel system
72LB injectors on 40 PSI flowing at approx 60LBS
felpro gaskets
ARP headstud kit.
Proteus board
volvo 960 larger radiator.
Solid torque rods and panhard bar from BNE
205 17's on spacers upfront
ocean MK18's wheels with nitto 555 G2's
full sts machining LS swap kit.
AR5 transmission with home made shifter relocation kit
Raspberry pi dash box.
125 shot of nitrous using a LS plate and a NX wet proton plus kit.
75 shot before the supercharger and a 50 after directly into manifold.
2.5 gallon surge tank for fuel.
P3 volvo radiator fan cut up to fit.
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