1990 Toyota Celica 4AFE

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1990 Toyota Celica 4AFE

Post by NBytevenom » Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:30 pm

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a 90 Celica. It has no interior save for the seats and dash. Currently its running off a Speeduino ECU (UA4C board).
I have a RusEFI lying around still (Miata has taken a different path unfortunately), and it's connector and case is perfect for the Celica. The Celica utilizes only the largest and smallest connector on the stock Frankenso board. This leaves me to use the third connector as a spare for powering the MAP sensor, Wideband gauge, and sequential COP ignition.

The Celica uses a 24-1 setup in the dizzy. Stock it was a 24/4 dual wheel, but the second VR sensor was removed, and a tooth was removed from the 24 tooth wheel. I've read that the Max9926 doesn't play well with the Toyota VR sensors, but I'll have to try it myself.

As far as setting up the frankenso, I'll have to remove a bunch of the 0 ohm resistors, and internally rewire the connector board if I understand correctly. Are there any jumpers that need to be installed?

The celica is a fairly simple affair, no VVT or weird idle control. Idle is actually controlled purely mechanically.

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Re: 1990 Toyota Celica 4AFE

Post by AndreyB » Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:39 pm

all jumpers are optional. two side pins have no jumpers
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