Eidothea 56pin ECU (based on Proteus v0.7)

Hardware inside and outside of the ECU
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Eidothea 56pin ECU (based on Proteus v0.7)

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I designed a new board called Eidothea which is initially based on Proteus v0.7 and designed to be SW compatible!
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The board fits directly into a cheaply available ECU housing .
All sources available at github: https://github.com/tobsec/eidothea

The BOM is designed to be completely assembled with parts currently available at JLCPCB including through hole components (caps, USB connector, 3.5mm plug). First prototypes are already received and basically tested on my Chevrolet Small Block V8. Due to the restricted pinout of the housing connector (56pin) the board can only handle up to 8 Cylinders compared to Proteus and also has limited general purpose outputs (but some spare outputs are still available).

Known Issues:
- LS13 was intended as output to drive the Main Relay but the current flowing to the relay coil is supplying parts of the ECU through the fly-back diode inside TBD62083 due to common cathode output

Use LS9 or LS10 to drive Main Relay
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Re: Eidothea 56pin ECU (based on Proteus v0.7)

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Exciting to see LEDs on the PCB!
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