USB power issue microRusEfi

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USB power issue microRusEfi

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I recently got the following message on my laptop after setting up the microRusEfi in my car. On my workbench everything worked fine but when I put it in the car I would get the pop up in the attachment. It basically complained about insufficient usb power.
C662BEDB-C2E6-4680-A50F-C97977B6C11C.jpeg (344.99 KiB) Viewed 1111 times
Turns out MRE does not like extra long usb cables. I was using a 3 meter cable in the car and a 1 meter cable on my workbench. Soon as I shortened the cable in the car all was good.

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Re: USB power issue microRusEfi

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Looks like it's hit and miss with longer cables. I have two different 10ft/3m cables I am successfully using with microRusEFI, while in yours case your long cable was good for Frankenso data transfer but not good for microRusEFI. So somehow microRusEFI is just a little bit more sensitive to cables.
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