Electric Vehicle EV boards: Palta & Axiom

Hardware inside and outside of the ECU
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Electric Vehicle EV boards: Palta & Axiom

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Nick and Jared has collaborated with Marcos the guy behind https://github.com/paltatech/

https://github.com/paltatech/VESC-controller - Palta for VESC, previous generation of motor controller board, open source. stm32f4 + Chibios :) Nick uses this board at https://rusefi.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1377

Axiom - current generation of motor controller board, source code status unclear - https://www.pcbway.com/blog/Activities/The_Best_Design__Axiom_by_Marcos_Chaparro_and_his_team__EV_Power_Designs_Inc_.html

https://github.com/paltatech/bldc - custom or not custom version of https://github.com/vedderb/bldc/blob/master/CHANGELOG - firmware for a wide range of control boards

https://github.com/vedderb/vesc_tool GUI written using the Qt toolkit to configure the VESC motor controller

Axiom with _two_ Nissan Leaf motors - one is used as a dyno

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