55 pin connectors

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55 pin connectors

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I got both 55pin connectors from Andrey to see how they compare to the OEM connector.
connector A was from AMP/TE
connector B was some random China brand

I compared them to the OEM connector found in Bosch Motronic 55p ECUs.
Unfortunately none of them is a drop-in replacement.

Connector B looks more like the OEM connector, but despite the look it is slightly too big to fit the Motronic housing. The connector-pcb mounting points are in a different spot but the pins have OEM spacing (spacing between the two rows is very close to OEM as well).
The bad part: it takes a good amount of force to plug the plug into the connector and the buckle won't latch. So this is a no-go.

Connector A is smaller, and won't fit the OEM housing, different PCB mounting points, the two rows have different spacing than OEM, but the plug plugs in and latches just like OEM.

TLDR: If you want to keep the OEM case, you'll need to de-solder from an old ECU. otherwise AMP/TE is the way to go.
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