Subaru EZ30 Cam hall sensor strange behavior

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Subaru EZ30 Cam hall sensor strange behavior

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Hi all. Today while trying to get camshaft timing I found a very strange behavior of the camshaft sensor.
The fact is that at idle, the signal form from the sensor is formed from a falling form, and after an increase in engine speed, the signal form changes (is inverted) and changes to a signal rise. Can anyone come across this and how Rusefi will look for VVTi synchronization in this case?

This sensor is from Mitsubishi, its part number is J005T23781 Subaru part number is 22056AA101
Here is the waveform from the manual, the wiring diagram and pinout

Waveform from manual Subaru
ez30_cam_trigger.jpg (168.17 KiB) Viewed 698 times
Pinout and Wiring diagram
chrome_QofHHLCTYa.png (125.09 KiB) Viewed 698 times
IDLE Engine
2023-03-12_21_23_28_770rpm_821_maf_0.0.png (38.26 KiB) Viewed 698 times
RPM above 1000
2023-03-12_21_25_46_880rpm_1709_maf_0.0.png (38.19 KiB) Viewed 698 times
And video

Actual Tune is

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Re: Subaru EZ30 Cam hall sensor strange behavior

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We only trust one of cam fronts because of this exact thing known as "lazy hall"

As long as you trust the reliable front you are good.
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