[info] 64 pin 176122 ECU connector board

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Re: 64 pin 176122 ECU connector board

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TurboTurd wrote:
Fri Sep 18, 2020 2:35 pm
Hi all,

I have found a seller on eBay selling a version of this board, that I wish to use in my Mx5 ecu build.

Could anyone tell me what the layout of the 'output' pins on this board are for? I.e. what is the intention for connecting this to your main ECU board? Other adapters I have seen for different ECU connectors use a standard 40 pin IDC connector for this purpose.
first post in this thread has complete files with the complete layout.

all our adapters are designed for wires soldered to the board, they do not follow any specific footprint. I believe we are not huge fans of 40 pin IDC in engine control applications but I am just a software developer.
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