"Failed to erase flash at 0x080E0000"

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"Failed to erase flash at 0x080E0000"

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I have three ECUs on the bench running the latest Proteus fw. I'm using the exact same .msq for testing.
One of them is running a F427ZGT6, and throws the following error "Failed to erase flash at 0x080E0000" when trying to eg. burn a new EGO Sensor Cirrection(value),changing Custom MAP sensor high/low values, or pedal sensor voltage values. Probably other variables too.

I tried to de-solder the "defective" MCU, an solder in a new MCU of the same part number. Same problem.
The other rund F427ZIT6 and F429ZGT6 and works just fine burning the same values.

To summarize:
F427ZIT6 - OK
2x F427ZGT6 - "Failed to erase flash at 0x080E0000"
F429ZGT6 - OK
Memory problem_F427ZGT6.png
Memory problem_F427ZGT6.png (440.45 KiB) Viewed 25595 times
Am I a victim of a crappy counterfeit batch, or is this a firmware bug?
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