Do I build it, does it exist, am I dumber than I thought? 121 pins to rule it all

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Do I build it, does it exist, am I dumber than I thought? 121 pins to rule it all

Post by avantlyfe »

Hey guys, where do I even begin? Hang on, fill in where you see fit. I'm far from experienced in it all.

My project is a 1995 audi 90. This is my second attempt. First attempt was black, 1.8t swapped and ran on motronic me5. Which left me severely limited in tuning capabilities. Most guys who run these engines update to motronic me7, however I don't want to chop a firewall and pedal assembly up and rather enjoy my DBC feel.

So this left me stuck between a rock and a hardplace as I assemble the new variant. I have looked at other options, but my budget is small and my time greater.

So here I am, trying to learn how to build what I need and you guys seem like the single handed best resource I've found (short of nefmoto for understanding me7).

I tried to compile a short list of my goals for the ECU. I'm sure it will be excessive, while still missing key points, but I have to start somewhere. I also grasp most of it is in the coding, but I tried to lay dow. Most thing I think would require specific paths/drivers. Still a newb, you can move this too if need be.

OEM me7 121 pin connection
VVT (simple on/off)
EGT (single port for logging, overtemp control)
Wideband O2 (LSU 4.9)
Flex-fuel (active adaptation)
Sequential injection (4 cylinders)
Knock sensor control
IAT monitoring
Electronic Boost Control

So that's that, now to figure out where to even begin! I'm mostly basing my research off of a product called EZ-EMS and the Alpha-x guys, although I have no needs for can communication to gauges. Any info appreciated, sarcasm expected.

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Re: Do I build it, does it exist, am I dumber than I thought? 121 pins to rule it all

Post by AndreyB »

avantlyfe wrote:
Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:47 pm
Hey guys, where do I even begin?
Please elaborate on your current skill set. How many 0805 or lqft100 have you soldered in your life?
How many lines of code in what language have you written?
How many wrenches of what size have you broken?

Just need a bit of context.

If I would be you I would purchase ... ll-bundle/ without connector and ... -bare-pcb/ and wire these two things together and see how much existing code would get you. Once you start hitting limitations of existing code base we can go from there - there is a couple of developers like myself who sometimes just need people with very specific requests and time to try things and report back.
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