Hello from France !

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Hello from France !

Post by JPh »

Dear all,

I decided to join the forum to share informations on this great projet.

I kown a bit about the difficulties of the task because I designed an ECU in the late 1980s to convert a carburetor turbo engine to EFI.

I succeeded in starting the engine, but abandonned the projet after, because of the lack of tools to tune the engine.

What was special about my ECU, was the fact that it worked with 74HC logic only, so it was very fast but very bulky !

Best regards


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Re: Hello from France !

Post by AndreyB »

Hello and welcome!

30 years of technology gave us cheap MHz and RAM (but not yet 640Kb of RAM, that's coming soon :))
very limited telepathic abilities - please post logs & tunes where appropriate - http://rusefi.com/s/questions
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