A V-twin Hello from Russia

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A V-twin Hello from Russia

Post by Zhivoi »

Another hello from Russia!
Sorry for my bad english.
I am also from a small town near Moscow. Because of the virus, I got a lot of free time. Just starting to deal with this project.
I want to convert my carburatur V-twin motorcycle into injector system. So for me its hardware + software project.
I am programmer for embedded systems, STM32 too - so I think I can figure out the software part of the project.

AndreyB, I am interrested in MicroRusEFI, I saw them in ebay. I correctly understand that in order to assemble and test the system on the table, I need a RusEFI board, sensors, nozzles, coils and spark plugs? I got factory made injection module, with throttle position and MAF sensor, idle control. There is a hall sensor on the motorcycle, but only for 2 crankshaft positions, so I need to increase the number of positions (to how many?).

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Re: A V-twin Hello from Russia

Post by AndreyB »

very limited telepathic abilities - please post logs & tunes where appropriate - http://rusefi.com/s/questions
my skype is arro239

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