Case study: MRE 3v shorted to 12v

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Case study: MRE 3v shorted to 12v

Post by AndreyB »

An unplanned MRE experiment was executed: 3v and 12v were shorted and +12v was applied

1) stm32 has definitely not survived that
2) once stm32 was removed, we got 5v produced by TLE8888
3) we also got 3v produced by 3v regulator

once stm32 was replaced with a new part
1) low-side outputs work via TLE8888
2) high-side outputs work via TC4427

TODO check later: see if op-amps have survived or not
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Re: Case study: MRE 3v shorted to 12v

Post by mck1117 »

Easy to check with the raw voltage gauges. CLT/IAT should indicate roughly 5v, and others should indicate roughly 0v. No external HW required.

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