Add a IP67 mini usb bulkhead connector to your MRE

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Add a IP67 mini usb bulkhead connector to your MRE

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I got tired of flaky usb connections, short cables and bad crimps, so I used the internal micro usb to install a waterproof usb bulkhead connector through the MRE shell.

Conec 17-250101 (potted connector)
Conec 17-250010 (screw on cap)
Conec 17-250031 (2M usb cable with special waterproof cap)
Qualtek 3021072-03 (a usb cable with 90deg end that can be trimmed to fit the recessed conec connector)
GCT USB3150-30-075-A (micro usb b male plug for connector on MRE board)

If you cant find the first two, there is a non potted cap and connector assy 17-250021.

A couple of notes:
  • The ID and VCC pins were not connected, so this cant be used on the bench. (safer that way so i don't have a special cable that has to be used when the ECU is installed)
  • The ID and VCC pins were pulled out of the connectors to make soldering easier.
  • I used 28AWG wire from an old usb cable.
  • I wrapped the wires in aluminum tape and connected that to the shield on the usb connector for the best connection.
  • I drilled an undersized hole and then used a file to form the key for the connector and finish the hole.
  • I bent the pins on the Conec connector downwards to make it more low profile. It was slathered in hot glue when i was done :oops:
Results: it works! As far as max cable length: I was able to use a 3m cable, but 5m was too much. Previously 1 or 2m was pushing it.

Note V2 for another MRE user (between the two halves in the picture) was prettier hahaha:
IMG_20210722_213024.jpg (3.51 MiB) Viewed 2779 times

This is the fancy conec brand cable with the screw on waterproof cap.
212818137_1231792850597945_8923002559748915323_n.jpg (130.94 KiB) Viewed 2779 times
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