Projects by Jared

Magnet Encoder FEA Analysis

I have done a magnet encoder analysis with FEMM this is part of a project that gives an RC servo an abosolute position 12 bit full rotation encoder, that can spin at several hundred RPMs. This allows low cost servo's to act as both a drive motor, as well as a positioning device. Click here for more

Radio Propagation Analysis

I have done both Longley Rice radio propagation analysis with SPLAT combined with NEC antanna gain analysis. I did this out of my own interests and partly for the radio club I'm a memeber of. This item show the radio patterns we once had with the WA1ARN system. However they are not currently accurate as we have moved antenna sites and now have a large coverage area. This is also the place where I intend to document some of my up and comming anteanna design details. Click here for more

Thermal FEA Analysis

I have done thermal analysis with a solid model and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software tool. I did this as part of a job I did at Southworth Products on a heated platform we put on top of a lift table to heat up and cool down a die who's weight was rated at 7,000 lbs. click the picture to the right to see more images I produced while predicting how to keep a smooth temperature on top of the platform. Click here for more

MIT Free Engine Management System

I developed several open source engine management systems. My goal is to make my snow blower fuel injected and function as a platform for low cost experimentation. I've got many of the pieces assembled and as I write this I'm waiting for the software group to work on the software side in hopes they will have it functioning in the near future. I recently had some censorship issued with the person modering the open5xxxecu forum, so I now post my files at this page view the snow blower here

Wireless Computer Communication

I have transmitted and received RS232 between two computers with a set of 916.5 MHz transceivers and also a set of 10 GHz transceivers. I did this communication as part of my senior project, where I removed a data carrying cable, in a 1 inch diameter pipe on a product currently used by Applied Research Associates. This cable was part of the geotechnical and environmental exploration equipment that they offer to customers, and it's removal should decrease the cost of using the these tools.

Constructed in the Machine Shop

I've been told I'm not to shabby in the machine shop. I have machined fairly complicated 2D parts (normal machining) and I have also CNCed 3D surfaces (free form). My talents range from rapid prototyping to precision machining in the +0 / -.001 tolerance range. I have made a web page about some of these machined projects. You can view the machining page here.

Computer Controlled RC Car

I modified a remote control for a remote controlled car so that it had a computer interface. I wrote a program (with the help of my roommate) that would get data from the keyboard and send it to the remote via the parallel port. This would run CMOS controlled potentiometers that in turn would control the vehicle via RF communications. Shortly before I was ready to start selling my project as a hobbyist RC addition, I found you can already by this as a product. Sometimes that the way it goes.

Solid Modeling and Gif Animation

This was part of my activities in the alternative energy club. We converted this car to electric from a gas 84' VW. This vehicle has placed my picture in several local and national media publications, and has also given me hands on experience that typically can't be extracted out of the college learning experience. One day I made a solid model of the vehicle and animated it into a motion gif. The solid model can be walked around and examined with your web browser. That page can be viewed here.

Pneumatic Plane Hack

I have a healthy interest in finding out how stuff works. So when I found this pneumatic air plane I was interested in hacking it apart and and increased the volume in the pressure storage tank. The original product simply sucked and I was able to increase the flight time from 20 seconds to 1 minute and 20 seconds. So far. I was also able to adjust the aerodynamics of this plane to give it a smoother flight.

LED VW Computer Display

I like to experiment and hack so I made a VW sign for my computer. This will end up in my VW automobile when I get some time to work on it. My goal is to add an in dash LCD, track ball, GPS, and radio receiver in a computer that will sit in the trunk of my car. This will act as my radio, navigational system, and a fully integrated OBDII scan tool. After phase I is complete I'll move onto phase II (Flying)... Well not really.

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