Radio Propagational Analysis by Jared

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It appears I've lost many of the images I had produced. However, the analysis I had done indicated the weaknesses my radio system has. I'll plan to add new information relative to how I improve my system, making it far better than the system I have now. Stay tuned.

Here's a quick model of the Ultra-Cobra multiband antenna I have attached to my wife's Kenwood TS2000. This antenna is about 160ft long and we were able to get it about 32ft in the air. I know that is far too low for this antenna to work correctly, however the terrain isn't going to change for my hobby needs. It does load up nicely and I get an OK SWR. So now I wonder how it's radiating. This is why I did the NEC on the current setup. The results show how this setup sucks.

What this shows me is that I'm not radiating very well, the quality of the signal I'm sending isn't ideal, so I'd like to find a better antenna system in the future. The Ultra Cobra is great because it's low cost, robust, and got on the air very quickly. However, other antenna designs would work much better.

I've shamelessly stollen a SPLAT picture. I've got some physical print outs of the prop analysis I've done, however, I lost the files I used to generate that analysis. I'll have more in the future, and plan to use correct SPLAT images to the left.

click on the images to the left to see large views of each.

Results from the directional system similar to the 2 vertical antennas that AI2Q uses are found to the left. It's a great and robust system. AI2Q has made many contacts on his system, and it's worked flawlessly for several years. He's known for having a great signal, almost no distortion, and comes in strong. This setup is a good quality system.

SPLAT is again shameless stolen at this point. I'll update it once I get a chance to run some of my own SPLAT analysis's.

click on the images to the left to see large views of each.

Results from the system I think I'll end up choosing will be posted here. The one to the side is a 4 square setup, very similarly to the 2 verts noted above, however this allows directional steering by changing the shift on all 4 poles, where the 2 verts only allows left or right direction controls.

The SPLAT picture is shamelessly stolen. I have to decide on the antenna before I can run my own SPLAT.

click on the images to the left to see large views of each.

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