This is the solid model page!


Solid car on your computer! TO SEE THE MODEL DO THE FOLLOWING.
--Click this picture to see the solid model on your computer.
--If the computer wants to save it to disk, doesn't work, or gives you an error message, then cancel or click the back key. You should return to this page. Then read the BOTTOM of this page to fix it and see the car... I hope.

This is the BOTTOM of the page.

This probably means you didn't get to see the Solid model. :(

HELP NUMBER 1. It appears you need a plugin for your browser. You can find a fairly good one at
You can double check if you need a plug-in at this page

HELP NUMBER 2. If you are using a different browser or if my help number 1 didn't work you will need to find one of these plug-ins on your own. When I looked for these plug-ins I went to and searched for VRML and Plug-ins. I proceeded to download and install them until I was happy with the way one worked. If you want to see my page I'm going to recommend you do the same. Thank you for your time.
NOTE: when you install the program you need to close your browser and reopen. This is because plug-ins are loaded when the browser is opened. You may have just installed a plug-in. It won't be loaded until you open your browser. If it asks you to keep file say yes. You can also run it from location.

Are you interested in looking at the real Solar car. If so click here to see the Electric Solar car (

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