Maine Capabilities.

Engineering: We are very flexible and we have many disciplines under our belt, if you have a need, we can either engineer it, or we are knowledgeable about how to get it done. We can do just about any type of engineering out there, you will not get "that's not my department" feel from us.

Mechanical: We can design most things smaller than a house. Often done with CAD and CAM including thermal, stress Finite Element Analysis.

Electrical: Every thing from 460/1/60, to 220/1/50 to 12VDC. consumer products, industrial controls, PID controls, makes no difference to us.

Radio: Longly Rice propagation studies, as well as NEC analysis. SDR, Analog, Digital, 1.5 MHz up to 10 GHz, we can do it all.

Telephone and Infrastructure: Office multi phone PBX systems, VOIP DHCP, web page servers, we do it all.

Software: Linux, Microsoft, Solid modeling, Radio modeling, embedded or PC interfacing to the web, were familiar almost all of it anything that we aren't up to date on we can learn in short order.

Example Projects: Some examples found here at the the projects page.

Capabilities statement: This statement can be found here {html} {PDF}.

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