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Basic principles

We are developing hardware using KiCad EDA Suite

Our file repository for hardware is

For now we are developing hardware as individual functional modules. While all individual modules are in-depended from each over, the use the share the same component library which is located at rusefi_lib

Once a revision goes to a fab shop it is copied into rusefi_hardware_history folder.

Collaboration process

Since patch files do not work well for hardware projects, our collaboration process is pulling whole SVN folders from the SVN where board author would develop them into the central SVN which is the unified repository. That's a poor man workaround over the lack of free SVN hosting with directory user permissions.

Naming convention

Name capacitors with uF and pF only. So 100nF is a no go while 0.1uF is good. This works better with filter/sort operations in spread sheets. Also start the name with 0.1 instead of .1.

Resistors should be listed like this 100R or 2k2

Pcb Merge suite

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