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rusefi firmwave currently supports two protocols for ECU monitoring & control

1) human-readable native protocol - connect to the ECU using HyperTerminal or putty or our own java dev console.

the list of commands

2) TunerStudio protocol for integration with tuning software See tunerstudio_algo.cpp for a brief description of this binary protocol

For physical level rs232 is used ("serial port") - either via a FL232 chip or by emulating a USB device right within stm32f4. A bluetooth option is also available. JTnWsTy.png

Forum thread


Q: Why two protocols? can you achieve the same results using both protocols? A: Not really. Our text-based protocol has support for human-readable messages and it handles our own build-in logic anayzer - it is better for troubleshooting. The protocol has better support for engine tuning in terms of editing individual cells on fuel maps etc.

Q: Is the binary protocol compatible with MegaSquirt? A: Kind of, but not really. The general protocol is the same, but the packet format is rusEfi specific. All this works based on TunerStudio packet definition flexibility.