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This is an area where people can add wish list items, and with some luck, can allow people to remember what to work on when they get time. If there is a feature you want, please post it here then post it in the forums. Requests here could be either software, hardware, web page, or really anything.

See also

current TODO items

hip9011 real test (software)

narrow-band O2 header control (hardware?)

Launch control

Accelerometer (Butt dyno, traction control, ect)


Vehicle Speed Sensor (2003 Dodge Neon, VW Passat)

high-side alternator control for 2003 Dodge Neon (software and hardware)

MAP sensor add-on mini board (hardware)

SD card logging (software)

create a TODO section in the wiki: Puff requested @ KB1GTT has taken on the task, and is now completed.