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Frankenstein line Frankenso line Prometheus line
+ our smaller two-layer board - Small Box shipping rate

+ low price

- external 5v power supply required

- external brain board required

- no on-board connector

larger 154x152mm four-layer board requires a Medium Box shipping rate

+ on-board 64 pin connector

+ on-board power supply

+ 20x4 LCD screen

+ joystick

+ works both with external brain boards and on-board stm32 chip

+ knock sensor chip

+ used Denso OEM cases available

+ compact 4-layer PCB smaller than 93 x 100 mm

+ on-board power supply

+ knock sensor chip

+ wide-band oxygen sensor controller chip

+ stepper motor IAC controller chip

+ onboard 4-channel "smart" protected ignition drivers

+ bluetooth module

+ supports two packages of on-board stm32 chips

- no on-board connector

open source hardware

Frankenstein 0.11 bare PCB $29

Frankenso bare PCB $49

Prometheus v0.1 bare PCB

Frankenstein board + main components kit $59

Frankenso board + main components kit $110


Frankenstein assembled shield $172

Add an stm32f4discovery, some wires power supply and you should be ready to run!

Frankenso assembled shield $290

Add an stm32f4discovery and you should be ready to run!

Frankenstein PnP with LCD screen $191

Frankenso PnP with LCD screen $369

... ...

Misc StuffMisc Stuff

64 pin connector $15

~58 pin used harness (for 64 pin connector) $14

64 bin connector board $15

used case for Frankenso board $25