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Build server is currently a Windows machine running following jobs:

Continues Integration

rusEfi build server is in charge of

- compiling & packaging current firmware & console snapshot

- compiling & running current unit tests

- compiling & running current functional tests (both via simulator and using real stm32 board)

Implementation Details

Note to self - everything should be in System Path for Jenkins as a service to see it properly.

Jenkins service should run under normal user, not system user to avoid file permission issues. Default user needs a non-empty password to allow service logon.

  • jenkins ThinBackup



TODO: Coverity upload

Need to automate weekly upload

TODO: see which jobs could be off-loaded to external free CI services


Q: How do i run unit tests?

A: cd unit_tests make clean cd build rusefi_test.exe expected result: todo once @anreika fixes unit tests

Q: How do I run simulator functional tests?

A: run simulator. While simulator is running, in IDEA run AutoTest run configuration