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The below are some notes that KB1GTT is using to track parts of the wiki, and how they are progressing. Please do not use or modify this page with out contacting KB1GTT first. Modifying this page may bugger his check list and may hinder his progress / tracking of these wiki pages.

First time visitors

  • Overview -- A brief description of this community and project(s) can be found here About rusEfi

rusEFI users

  • Start a project -- Learn more about what to expect a brief overview of how to do a project with rusEFI hardware found here TBU
  • How to get -- How to get rusEFI and other components for a project found here TBU
  • rusEFI store -- The official rusEFI hardware store is found here
  • Hardware user manual -- Learn details about how to install the hardware at the page found here TBU
  • Software user manual -- Learn details about how to use the tuning software at the page found here TBU
  • Support options -- Learn about your support options here TBU
  • Found a bug -- Bug reporting tool found here
  • EFI Acronyms -- There are many engine related abbreviation and acronyms. See list found here TBU


  • Hardware guide -- Hardware design recommendations and standard practices found here TBU2
  • Software guide -- Software design recommendations and standard practices found here TBU
  • SVN -- SVN repository goes here
  • Bugs -- bug ticket tracker found here
  • TODO -- General TODO list TBU
  • License -- license information found here


  • All pages -- list of all pages here
  • Sand Box -- sand box found here
  • Wiki formatting -- help page of how to create the wiki text found here
  • Template -- template page(s) found here.

note TBC means To Be Created. TBU means To Be Updated, it has nothing more than the template perhaps a very brief first stab at content mostly for structure. It needs real content.