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Last updated 02/28/2014


Total number of engines running rusEfi: 4


Numbers of cylinders run in a single engine 4 (will eventually include 1,2,6,8,12 and perhaps others)

Has controlled 4 fuel channels

Has controlled 2 Spark channel

Has controlled misc devices, fuel pump (will eventually include IAC steppers, H bridge, fan motor, NOX, and more)

Has controlled these engine configurations

  • 4 channels of port injection with 1 channel disy ignition done in 0C cold temperatures while controlling the fuel pump.
  • 4 channels of port injection with 2 channel wasted spark ignition


It is important to mention that as of Feb 2014 rusEFI is still pretty immature. The hardware platform at this time is screwed to a board, with many wires under screw terminals. There are absolutely no warranties, and there are likely major bugs. This is currently a developers platform. However the goal is to make it much more user friendly given time to mature.


  • Fuel Injection: batch & sequential
  • Ignition control
  • Idle control
  • Fuel pump control
  • TunerStudio integration
  • character LED support
  • Basic CAN integration
  • Basic GPS integration
  • Basic CAN integration

#1 1996 Ford Aspire

Here is a video of engine 1. 1995 Ford Aspire 1.3


#2 Dodge Neon 2.0

1995 Dodge Neon 2.0

#3 Mazda BP

1993 Ford Escort GT inside a Ford Festiva

Engine #4

Next Engine should be yours

Get an engine running, then insert your name here! After all, this is all pretty simple :)

At this point some soldering would be required: you would need to solder either your connector or your harness to the board.

No, you would not need to be a coder: you would not need to read or write the code. If any code is missing it would be our job to add it, what you would need to provide would be the tune and specs on all the sensors. Your would be configuring rusEfi using either TunerStudio or our own console application.