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HOWTO start you engine with rusEfi for the first time

have rusEfi-compatible hardware

test outputs

Both rusEfi console and TS allows you to test if rusEfi properly controls things like injectors (you would hear the clicks), cooling fan (you would hear it - if needed), fuel pump (you would usually hear it - if needed), ignition coil (that's challenging if you have a distributor)

get tachometer showing correct cranking rpm

Your tuning software should show correct cranking RPM, usually between 150 and 300 with a fully-charged battery.

See also

See also

Confirm TDC position

Assuming you have the hardware ready to spark we now need to find your TDC position - we know trigger shape but we do not know the trigger wheel position in relation to TDC#1 (Top Dead Center, cylinder #1).

Set cranking advance angle to zero for now. Use a timing gun while cranking. We now need to try different values of Engine->Trigger->global trigger angle offset until we get spark at zero advance - that's because we might know the relation between TDC#1 and trigger signal.

On Engine Sniffer tab of rusEfi console TDC#1 is shown with the green vertical line.

Initial cranking parameters.png

cranking parameters

rusEfi has separate cranking control strategy for your first couple of engine revolutions - usually you want more fuel, different timing and simultaneous injection to start an engine.

Craning dialog jan 2017.png

Engine would start rich, as long as it's not too rich, as long as you have close-enough cranking timing angle. By default, cranking mode is active if RPM is below 500 RPM.

To adjust cranking timing, use set cranking_timing_angle XXX command, where XXX is timing advance angle in relation to your trigger synchronization point. Please note that trigger synchronization point often does not match TDC, so just try different values between 0 and 720. For example, try 0, then 20, then 40 etc. Use showconfig to see current setting.

See also

To adjust cranking fuel, use set cranking_fuel XXX command, where XXX is number of total fuel squirt duration in milliseconds. See also

running parameters

For first run I suggest running based on MAF sensor - even if you do not have MAF sensor, and flat maps.

set algorithm 0 would set algorithm: plain MAF

To adjust running timing for your first run, use set_whole_timing_map XXX command, where XXX is your timing advance.

To adjust running fuel for your first run, use set_whole_fuel_map XXX command, where XXX is number of total fuel squirt duration in milliseconds. This value is usually between 3 and 12. See also

One plain MAF workk next step is running with proper MAP sensor calibration & flow rate setting.

next steps & troubleshooting

There are three ways to produce similar logs - the intention is for these three to have same exact data.

1) SD card logging 2) rusEfi console logging 3) TunerStudio logging

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See also

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