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rusEfi as Mazda Plug & Play ECU


The big picture

rusEfi Frankenso board was created to match Mazda 079721-2351 ECU PCB by default. 079721-2351 is a PCB used on multiple vehicles including Mazda MX-5 Miata NA, Mazda 323/Protege BG, Mazda 121/Ford Festiva etc.

While 079721-2351 pcb uses a 48 pin connector (22 pin + 26 pin) simply because the compatible 64 pin (22 pin + 16 pin + 26 pin) connector is more available as "old stock new" part we've made the 22 pin and 26 pin match Mazda exactly and used the 16 pin for optional additional stuff. In a PnP application the small middle 16 pin plug is simply left unused. Current Frankenso requires a 64 pin OEM box - these are simplest to get off ~1993 Mazda Protege Automatic, probably some other Mazda vehicles.

Part number for compatible ECU case: see


TODO: find a source of 48 pin connector and create "Frankenso 48 pin" PCB which would be a direct drop into a 48 pin Denso case.

More details

NA6 installation:

Have all the software downloaded & installed - see

You would really need a MAP sensor.

Popular external MAP sensor would be GM 1 bar or GM 3 bar mounted on the firewall close to windshielf wiper motor is a popular choice. I suggest adding a pin into OEM connector at 3R (unused on 1990 miata harness). This case on the Frankenso board you need a blue wire from W56 (5th lower row pin from the end) top <> to W45 bottom jumper. See MAP signal wire

You would really need a wideband sensor. I suggest adding a pin into OEM connector at 3J. On Frankenso board just have a jumper between W48 top and W48 bottom.

You would probably need a variable type TPS. For 1.6 manual cars the easiest option is to take 1.6 automatic TPS sensor & harness plug.

A few base configurations are build-in into the firmware. In order to apply Miata 1.6 default configuration you would need to run rusEfi console software (not tunerstudio but the other tool from inside the bundle) and copy-paste & execute the folliwing command using the console:

set engine_type 41

and hit "Go"

Technical reference


Mazda 323/Protege BP 1.8 ECU pinout

1990 Miata 1.6 US

1994 Miata 1.8

1996 Miata 1.8 US

99 US

1999 Miata 1.8 Europe

Miata ECU history

Miata NA: 1989-1997

-1994: 48 pin connector with Manual transmissions, only two-channel Cam sensor

1996 64 pin connector with Manual transmission: two-channel Cam & Crank

Miata NB: January 1998–2005

2000 seems to be the last year of 64 pin connector

CAS signal

With a Miata there are two ways to handle CAS signal - either via the MAX9926 or via the op-amps. MAX9926 is probably an overkill but that's the default approach: frankenso_miata_NA_CAS.jpg

Success stories

Ford Festiva/Mazda Protege mix

1999 Miata

Random links



Case Donor

NA Miata manual uses a 48 pin case, TODO: add pictures how to cut it

Go to and order youself a ~1993 Mazda Protege Auto case, these start at $20 plus shipping. I am pretty sure that all DOHC AT are 64 pin, SOHC are more available - ask them if the ECU has two or three plugs and order it if it has three plugs.

Known 64 pin cases: BPA9 (Protege AT) B66T (Mazda MX3 AT)

TODO: add more case numbers for known 64 pin cases. BPB2 maybe? BPTC? bpe2?

48 pin case which does NOT work with our 64 pin board: BP01 BP10

not compatible 64 pin cases: JE43 (longer case, different mounting points)