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Average ignition consists of

a) control signal (that's Frankenso)

b) coil

c) ignition module

control signal and coil is obvious, but the ignition module part is interesting, there are options

1) logic-level coil means there is a build-in ignition module. For example, LS coils or some Nissan COPs. a Any logic-level would have at least three terminals - heavy ground wire, heavy +12v power wire and a less heavy +5v or +12v control wire. Trickily part is that plug's thread could be the ground terminal.

2) plain coil would require external ignition module/igniter - that's a transistor capable of high current and tolerating the high voltage feedback.

2) rusEfi own BTS2140 module. TODO: fabricate enough of these in China, TODO: figure out good connector option

3) J701 is a cheap & plentiful single-channel ignition module. TODO: figure out connector situation See also

Add on igniters.jpg

BTS2140 add-on module

External Igniter


Toyota igniter 89621-33020 - Lexus ES300 94-96, Camry V6 92-96

Similar thing Bosch 0227100211 - VW Audi 97- 05

Logic Level Options

LS coils NB2 Miata (2001-2005) COPs are logic-level, are they? These are set for waster spark - i.e. one coil sits on the plug but there is also a wire for 2nd plug

todo: need specific part numbers for logic-level COPs