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By default Tuner Studio connectivity is using pin PC10 for TX and PC11 RX, baud rate 38400. Do not forget about GND wire.


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Please be sure to use current firmware version with current rusefi.ini project from build_server

Troubleshooting Tuner Studio connectivity

First of all make sure that you have serial port drivers installed. STMicroelectronics Virtual for microUSB or USB serial for PC10/PC11


You can test physical connectivity with a terminal application like putty: 1) connect to the TS port 2) type 't' you are expected to see a response like this:


Q: I try to connect with Tuner Studio and it says "line:532:rusEfiVersion,20140822@4388 Ford Aspire,outpin,c1@PC6,outpin,c2@PA5,ou"?

A: what you have is a piece of rusEfi own console text-based protocol, you need to connect TS to the other port.

Q: how should it look in Tuner Studio mini terminal?

A: like that. Note that now new lines between 't' symbols, note that at first some random stuff was received once and that's OK