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CommandNumber of ParametersDescription
help0prints the list of supported commands
echo1just prints out the parameter - this is useful for troubleshooting connectivity
hello0 prints the version of firmware
set_cranking_rpm1sets the RPM level at which we consider the engine to be cranking - not running
tsinfo0 Prints TunerStudio communication summary
gpsinfo0Prints current GPS state
showconfig0Shows current configuration stored in the flash memory - that's where you can see your current fuel map etc.
readconfig0 read config from flash/EEPROM
writeconfig0Write config to flash (you only need this if you have used one of the 'setXXX' commands)
resetconfig0Resets configuration to default
fatal0 this command would cause the firmware to halt. I am not sure that you want to try this one :)
threadsinfo0 list of ChibiOS threads
date_get0 gets current real time clock?
date_help0please try it
sdstat0 Prints a report of SD/MMC usage
umountsd0 Un-mount SD/MMC card
fl1 Turns-off constant dev console data output. fl 1 would turn it back on. ('fl' stands for 'full logging')
set_engine_type1 Would change the configuration to the default Dodge Neon configuration.
You should reboot the firmware after changing engine type - hit the reset button or just power off/on the microcontroller.
set_rpm_multiplier: 1 parameters,
performance info0 Development:Software:performance#Event_handling
rpm1 For example, rpm 1200 sets the RPM for build-in position sensor simulator


Trigger is the camshaft or/and crankshaft position sensor(s)

triggerinfo shows some info regarding trigger situation


analoginfo0Shows ADC intut values
tempinfo0 prints out some debug information on CLT and IAT sensors

Board Control

set_injection_pin: 2 parameters: index, PIN

For example, set_injection_pin 0 PB7

set_injection_pin_mode: 1 parameter

For example,

set_injection_pin_mode 1

Currently four modes are supported:

OM_DEFAULT = 0 (GND for logical OFF, VCC for logical ON) and OM_INVERTED = 1 (GND for logical ON, VCC for logical OFF)


set_ignition_pin_mode: 1 parameter

set_idle_pin_mode: 1 parameter

For example,

set_idle_pin_mode 1

set_fuel_pump_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

set_malfunction_indicator_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

Fuel Control

set_whole_fuel_map: 1 parameter: global value for the whole fuel map, in ms

set_fuel_map: 3 parameters For example set_fuel_map 2200 4 15.66 Set 15.66ms value for 2200 rpm @ engine load 4

set_cranking_fuel_min: 2 parameters, for example

set_cranking_fuel_min 20 0

Would mean that at and below 0C we should inject fuel for 20ms. We need more fuel while engine cranking, current implementation uses linear interpolation based on two point - 'min temperature' point and 'max temperature' point. The temperatures are in C.

set_cranking_fuel_max: 2 parameters, for example

set_cranking_fuel_max 5 80 5ms of fuel at 80C

Timing Control

set_whole_timing_map: 1 parameter: global timing for the whole timing map

set_timing_map: 3 parameters For example et_timing_map 2200 4 360

set_fixed_mode_timing: 1 parameters,

set_timing_mode: 1 parameters,

Idle Control

set_idle_rpm PRM

Set's target idle RPM

set_idle_pwm DUTY_CYCLE

set's idle duty cycle, value between 0 and 1000

I/O testing

CommandNumber of ParametersDescription
fuelpumpbench2for example, fuelpumpbench 100 1000
This command would turn on fuel pump for 100 ms after a 1000ms delay
fuelbench25for example, fuelbench2 10000 1 2 1200 3
This command would send out a series of 3 on/off squirts out to injector #1, on time: 2ms, off time: 1200ms, after a 10000ms (10 seconds) delay
fuelbench3for example, fuelbench 10 2000 15
This command would send out a series of 15 on/off squirts out to injector #1, on time: 10ms, off time: 2000ms
fuelbench25for example, fuelbench2 1000 2 9 200 10
This command would send out a series of 10 on/off squirts out to injector #2, on time: 9ms, off time: 200ms, after a 1000ms delay
sparkbench3for example, sparkbench 100 200 10
This command would send out a series of 10 on/off squirts out to coil #1, on time: 100ms, off time: 200ms
sparkbench25for example, sparkbench2 1000 2 9 200 10
This command would send out a series of 10 on/off squirts out to coil #2, on time: 9ms, off time: 200ms, after a 1000ms delay
fanbench 0 todo

Engineering support

CommandNumber of ParametersDescription
enable self_stimulation0Routes simulated trigger signal directly into trigger processing logic