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Tuner Studio

CommandNumber of parameters
tsinfo0 Prints TunerStudio communication summary
set_ts_speed1 Sets Tuner Studio communication speed. Foe example, set_ts_speed 115400
reset_ts0 Resets TunerStudio debugging counters

Knock Detection

CommandNumber of parameters
enable HIP90110Enables HIP9011 driver
hipinfo0Shows HIP9011 driver state
set_gain1Sets HIP gain parameter


CommandNumber of ParametersDescription
date_help0Please try it
date_get0 Gets current real time clock
echo1Just prints out the parameter - this is useful for troubleshooting connectivity
fatal0 This command would cause the firmware to halt. I am not sure that you want to try this one :)
fl1 'full logging', Turns-off constant dev console data output. fl 1 would turn it back on.
help0Prints the list of supported commands
hello0Prints the version of firmware
performance info0 Development:Software:performance#Event_handling
readconfig0 read config from flash/EEPROM
resetconfig0Resets configuration to default
sdstat0 Prints a report of SD/MMC usage
set_cranking_rpm1 Sets the RPM level at which we consider the engine to be cranking - not running
rpm1 For example, rpm 1200 sets the RPM for built-in position sensor simulator
set_engine_type1 This will change the configuration from the default Dodge Neon configuration.
You should reboot the firmware after changing engine type.
Hit the reset button or just power off/on the microcontroller.
showconfig0Shows current configuration stored in the flash memory - that's where you can see your current fuel map etc.
threadsinfo0 list of ChibiOS threads
umountsd0 Un-mount SD/MMC card
writeconfig0Write config to flash (you only need this if you have used one of the 'setXXX' commands)


Trigger is the camshaft or/and crankshaft position sensor(s)

triggerinfo shows some info regarding trigger situation

set_global_trigger_offset_angle XX

sets global trigger offset from synchronization point of trigger decoder to actual TDC #1

TODO? rename command? rename variable?

enable/disable trigger_only_front

In 'only front' mode, only signal rises are used for trigger decoding. For example, enable trigger_only_front

enable/disable trigger_details

Trigger details help with troubleshooting trigger synchronization


Prints trigger shape definition


analoginfo0Shows ADC intut values
tempinfo0 prints out some debug information on CLT and IAT sensors

Board Control

set_injection_pin: 2 parameters: index, PIN

For example, set_injection_pin 1 PB7

set_injection_pin_mode: 1 parameter

For example,

set_injection_pin_mode 1

Currently four modes are supported:

OM_DEFAULT = 0 (GND for logical OFF, VCC for logical ON) and OM_INVERTED = 1 (GND for logical ON, VCC for logical OFF)


set_ignition_pin_mode: 1 parameter

set_idle_pin_mode: 1 parameter

For example,

set_idle_pin_mode 1

set_fuel_pump_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

set_malfunction_indicator_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

Fuel Control

See also

set_whole_fuel_map: 1 parameter: global value for the whole fuel map, in ms

set_fuel_map: 3 parameters For example set_fuel_map 2200 4 15.66 Set 15.66ms value for 2200 rpm @ engine load 4

set_cranking_fuel: 1 parameters, for example

set_cranking_fuel 5

Acceleration Enrichment

set_map_accel_len X for example, set_map_accel_len 6 Look back at MAP for period of last X injections.

set_map_accel_multiplier X for example, set_map_accel_multiplier 2.0 This coefficient controls how much extra fuel we inject during acceleration due to MAP change

set_map_accel_threshold X for example, set_map_accel_threshold 5.0 Ignore change below X kPa

set_tps_accel_len X for example, set_tps_accel_len 6 Look back at TPS for period of last X injections.

set_tps_accel_multiplier X for example, set_tps_accel_multiplier 2.0 This coefficient controls how much extra fuel we inject during acceleration due to TPS change

set_tps_accel_threshold X for example, set_tps_accel_threshold 10 Ignore change below X % tps

Timing Control

set_global_trigger_offset_angle: 1 parameter: global TDC offset from trigger synchronization point

set_whole_timing_map: 1 parameter: global timing for the whole timing map while engine is running

set_timing_map: 3 parameters. timing map value for given RPM and engine load For example et_timing_map 2200 4 60 sets timing to 60 degrees advance for rpm 2200 and engine load 4

set_cranking_timing_angle: 1 parameter sets timing advance while cranking

set_fixed_mode_timing: 1 parameters,

set_timing_mode: 1 parameters,

Idle Control

See also

set_idle_rpm PRM

Set's target idle RPM

set_idle_position position

set's idle duty cycle, value between 0 and 100, for example set_idle_position 50

enable/disable stepperidle

for example, enable stepperidle

I/O testing

CommandNumber of ParametersDescription
fuelpumpbench0Turns fuel pump on for three seconds after a one second delay
fuelbench25for example, fuelbench2 10000 1 2 1200 3
This command would send out a series of 3 on/off squirts out to injector #1, on time: 2ms, off time: 1200ms, after a 10000ms (10 seconds) delay
fuelbench3for example, fuelbench 5 2000 4
This command would send out a series of 3 on/off squirts out to injector #1, on time: 5ms, off time: 2000ms
fuelbench25for example, fuelbench2 1000 2 9 200 10
This command would send out a series of 10 on/off squirts out to injector #2, on time: 9ms, off time: 200ms, after a 1000ms delay
sparkbench3for example, sparkbench 5 200 3
This command would send out a series of 3 on/off squirts out to coil #1, on time: 5ms, off time: 200ms
sparkbench25for example, sparkbench2 1000 2 4 200 10
This command would send out a series of 10 on/off squirts out to coil #2, on time: 4ms, off time: 200ms, after a 1000ms delay
fanbench 0 Turns radiator fan on for three seconds after a one second delay

Engineering support

CommandNumber of ParametersDescription
enable self_stimulation0Routes simulated trigger signal directly into trigger processing logic