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help: 0 parameters, prints the list of supported commands

echo: 1 parameters, just prints out the parameter - this is useful for troubleshooting

hello: 0 parameters, prints the version of firmware

fatal: 0 parameters, this command would cause the firmware to halt. I am not sure that you want to try this one :)

threadsinfo: 0 parameters, list of ChibiOS threads

showconfig: 0 parameters, Shows current configuration stored in the flash memory - that's where you can see your current fuel map etc.

readconfig: 0 parameters, read config from flash/EEPROM

writeconfig: 0 parameters, Write config to flash (you only need this if you have used one of the 'setXXX' commands)

resetconfig: 0 parameters, Resets configuration to default

date_get: 0 parameters, gets current real time clock?

date_set: 3 parameters,

date_help: 0 parameters, please try it

adcDebug: 1 parameters,

adc: 1 parameters,

fadc: 0 parameters,

sdstat: 0 parameters, Prints a report of SD/MMC usage

mountsd: 0 parameters,

appendToLog: 3 parameters,

umountsd: 0 parameters, Un-mount SD/MMC card

ls: 3 parameters,

gpsinfo: 0 parameters, Prints current GPS state

i2c: 5 parameters,

sfm: 5 parameters,

fl: 1 parameters, Turns-off constant dev console data output. fl 1 would turn it back on. ('fl' stands for 'full logging')

status: 0 parameters,

set_ignition_offset: 1 parameters,

set_global_trigger_offset_angle: 1 parameters,

set_analog_chart_mode: 1 parameters,

set_fixed_mode_timing: 1 parameters,

set_timing_mode: 1 parameters,

set_engine_type: 1 parameters, Would change the configuration to the default Dodge Neon configuration.

You should reboot the firmware after changing engine type - hit the reset button or just power off/on the microcontroller. set_injection_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

set_ignition_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

set_idle_pin_mode: 1 parameters, For example, set_idle_pin_mode 1

Currently four modes are supported:

OM_DEFAULT = 0 (GND for logical OFF, VCC for logical ON) and OM_INVERTED = 1 (GND for logical ON, VCC for logical OFF)


set_fuel_pump_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

set_malfunction_indicator_pin_mode: 1 parameters,

set_rpm_multiplier: 1 parameters,

set_cranking_fuel_min: 5 parameters, For example set_cranking_fuel_min 20 0

Would mean that at and below 0C we should inject fuel for 20ms We need more fuel while engine cranking, current implementation uses linear interpolation based on two point - 'min temperature' point and 'max temperature' point. The temperatures are in C.

set_cranking_fuel_max: 5 parameters,

chartsize: 1 parameters,

chart: 1 parameters,

wm: 5 parameters,

tsinfo: 0 parameters, Prints TunerStudio communication summary

injector: 5 parameters,

gfc: 1 parameters,

fuelbench: 4 parameters, for example, fuelbench 4.1 5.8 60000This command would send out a series of on/off squirts out to injector #1, this could be used while testing something like injector output

faststat: 0 parameters,

performanceinfo: 0 parameters, Development:Software:performance#Event_handling

tempinfo: 0 parameters, prints out some debug information on CLT and IAT sensors

testmath: 1 parameters,

rpm: 1 parameters, For example, rpm 1200 sets the RPM for build-in position sensor simulator