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Frankenso options

ECU pin-out seems to be very similar to with few exceptions:

1) dedicated MAF ground

2) individual injector wiring



Plug 1

22 pin

pos b pos color desc type
1A BLU/RED Hot at all times. Room Fuse. Input +12v
1B WHT/RED Main relay Input +12v
1D WHT/GRN Data Link Connector
1E YEL/BLK Check Engine Light
1F * * * Extra analog input (WB O2?) Extra Input
1G W7 0Ohm BRN/YEL Coil Pack Cylinder 1&4 Output
1H W8 0Ohm BRN Coil Pack Cylinder 2&3 Output
1I BLU/WHT Powertrain Control Module (Transmission)
1K BLK J/C? (M/T Only)
1L BLK/GRN Coolant Fan Relay Output, low-side
1N RED Powertrain Control Module (Transmission)
1O GRN/BLK stop light switch Input
1Q LT GRN/BLK AC Pressure Switch
1S BLU/ORG Heater Control Unit
1V BRN/WHT Powertrain Control Module (Transmission) & Clutch Switch

Plug 2

26 pin

pos b pos color desc type
2A BLK Pwr Ground Ground
2B BLK Pwr Ground Ground
2C BLK/LT GRN Logic Ground Ground
2D BLK/BLU Logic Ground Ground
2E W43 0Ohm WHT Crank angle #1 CKP Input, four times
2F BLK/RED MAF signal ground Ground
2G W45 0Ohm YEL/BLU Crank angle #2
2H LT GRN/YEL Data Link Connector
2I BLK/WHT tacho signal Input
2J LT GRN/RED EGR Function Sensor Input
2K W49 0Ohm LT GRN/WHT +5 ref/TPS power Output 5v
2L BLU/RED Rear Defroster relay
2M W51 0Ohm RED/BLK throttle position sensor
2N W52 0Ohm RED/BLU heated O2 sensor
2O W53 0Ohm RED MAF signal analog input
2P W54 0Ohm RED/BLK intake air thermosensor analog input
2Q BLU/WHT Coolant thermosensor
2R YEL/GRN Pressure regulator solenoid Output/low side (?)
2S BLU/WHT Condenser Fan Relay Output/low side (?)
2T W58 0Ohm LT GRN Fuel Pump relay Output/low side
2U W59 YEL Injector #1 Output/low side
2V W60 0Ohm YEL/BLK Injector #2 Output/low side
2W W61 0Ohm BLU/ORG idle valve control Output/low side
2X W62 YEL/RED purge solenoid Output/low side
2Y W63 0Ohm GRN/WHT Injector #3 Output/low side
2Z W64 0Ohm GRN Injector #4 Output/low side


1994 miata 1.8 1.png 1994 miata 1.8 2.png 1994 miata 1.8 3.png

1994 miata 1.8 charging.png