Vehicle:Mazda Rx8 2004

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2004 rx8 instrument cluster.png

bLue/White: CAN high

Green/Black: CAN low

Black: Ground

Black/Yellow: 12v

Blue/Red: 12v

Rx8 connector.png

The CAN-bus id's in the case of the RX-8 (and likely Mazda6 / MX-5)

ID 300 is turn off Steering Warning Light, minimum 0.5 sec timing. ID 212 is abs, dsc off, traction control warning and brake warning, minimum 0.5 sec timing. ID 420 is temp, oil pressure gauge, coolent level, battery (alternator), oil warning and check engine light, minimum 5 second timing.

ID 201 is Speed (Max 300.00 Km/h, 186mph [9C 40] and RPM (Max 16382 [FF FE], although scale goes non-linear after 10k), minimum 0.5 sec timing.

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